For us to print your thesis, we will need a pdf of your document.

The pdf can be emailed to us, delivered via an online drop site under an account you create (such as Drop Box) or brought in to the Koffler store on a USB key. If you are submitting via email, please include a telephone number at which you can be reached.

Printing Specifications

Usual thesis printing is one-sided.

For formatting and layout specification, contact your department of graduate studies. We do not keep these specifications on hand and file preparation is the author's responsibility.

Reviewing Print Copies

Once we have printed your material, we will contact you to review the print copies prior to shipping them to the bindery.

If you elect to not review the print copies, we will need written authorization to release these to be bound. We cannot be accountable for printing issues of copies not reviewed.

Submitting an Order

We will need to know:

  • How many copies you want printed
  • The paper stock you want us to print on
  • Whether we are to print greyscale or colour*

*Colour printing

We define black and white / greyscale pages as pages which only use black ink. Colour pages are pages which use the colour inks Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (CYMK).

Documents created in Word or other word processors are typically using a different colour system (Red, Green and Blue, or RGB). RGB is typically used for documents on a screen and CYMK is used for printing to a page. Because of this, when documents are exported to a .pdf file, images which seem greyscale in a word processor are exported using the RGB colour system and can end up using colour inks in a .pdf.

If you are printing in colour, we will ask for an estimate of the number of colour pages that are in your file. We will run some initial tests, which give us an estimate of the number of pages there are which use colour inks in the document. If the two estimates are wildly different, we will contact you and ask if you would like to proceed, as the price can increase greatly with a large number of colour pages.

Our printer will detect how many pages in the submitted .pdf are in colour and which are in greyscale, only after printing the first copy. This is what we will use to determine the final bill.

You will be charged for all the colour pages we print from your .pdf file.

If we respond and our initial estimate states the file has a very large number of colour pages that you did not intend, we recommend the following:

  • In your favourite .pdf editor, export the file as greyscale. Open the greyscale file, and use the "Replace pages" function to insert the pages you want from the original file. This will ensure that only the pages you want are in colour.

Please note, we can also print some pages in colour and some in greyscale, but it will be the responsibility of the customer to physically insert the colour pages into the document.

Reproduction costs

  • Usual thesis printing is one-sided.
  • We print on a 24-lb. stock, acid free, recycled content
  • Black and white, 1-sided — $0.08 per impression page
  • Black and white, 2-sided — $0.075 per impression page
  • Colour — $0.60 per impression page
  • 20-lb. stock is available for $0.01 less per impression page. ($0.07 single sided, black and white; $0.59 each colour impression)
  • A4 paper is available as 24-lb. stock, acid free, recycled content
  • Black and white, 1-sided — $0.12 per impression page
  • Black and white, 2-sided — $0.115 per impression page
  • Colour — $0.64 per impression page

There is 5% tax on all these costs.