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Self-Publish Your Work with BookPOD Print-on-Demand

Your Book in Paperback. Self-Publish for Pennies a Page.

Congratulations! You've finally finished your novel, poetry book, journal, family history, or scholarly text and you're pleased with it. It's done—now what? Use our "ATM for Books" to get your book printed, trimmed and bound in a paperback.

Print a copy or two or ten or more with our print-on-demand BookPOD in three easy steps:

  1. Make sure your masterpiece is complete.
  2. Choose the number and size of paperback books you want.
  3. Format your paperback-to-be and place on a USB key or disc and contact the BookPOD Coordinator for an appointment to load and print your book.

Self-Publish Pricing:

  • One-time set-up fee $60.00*
  • Black & White pages $0.06 per page / per impression**

*This fee includes one proof copy, basic consultation, troubleshooting, export and loading of files. Does not include custom design work. If new files are required after the initial file load, an additional fee will be charged.

** The full-colour cover is included in this per page fee. Books less than 100 pages will be charged a cover surcharge.

Contact the BookPOD Coordinator if you have any questions. We're glad to help.

How to format your book for self-publishing:

Download or print the formatting specifications for your paperback book's interior guidelines.

Create your own cover: print or download your self-published paperback book cover specifications.

Minimum and maximum number of formatted pages in one volume for print-on-demand:

The maximum number of pages you can have in one self-published volume is 750 formatted pages. The minimum is 60 pages. If you have less than 60 pages you can always format your paperback book to have a few blank pages in the front or the back or use diagrams or drawings.

What does the paperback look like? What binding is it?

The BookPOD prints perfect-bound, library-quality, paperback books. The book covers can be in colour or simply black and white. It's completely up to you.

Get your book printed from anywhere:

You can have your book printed from the comfort of your home, work place, coffee shop or anywhere that has an internet connection. To begin, contact us and we will be happy to get you started. BookPOD will ship within Toronto, as well as Nationally and Internationally.

Print-on-Demand Shipping:

We can ship almost anywhere a courier or Canada Post delivers. We can ship the books to a number of destinations on your behalf.

Publicity, Editing & Marketing:

In order to keep the pricing low, currently we don't have a publicist, editing or marketing staff devoted to BookPOD.

For other questions or concerns please see our BookPOD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us now.